Aromatherapy is a therapeutic and holistic application of plant-derived essential oils for the benefit of supporting your body systems by way of topical application, inhalation and at times, ingestion (only truly 100% pure essential oils that are labeled for such use).

  • Custom blending to fit your specific needs
  • Aromatherapy consulting
  • Aromatherapy workshops (PTSD for military personnel and veterans), Essential Oil 101, Essential Oils for Romance, Oils of Biblical Times, Essential Oils 102, Make & Take Workshops (online and in-person), Essential Oils for Dogs, Essential Oils for Menopause, Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Essential Oils for Babies and Children, Customized workshops

Life Caching
What is a Life Coach? A Life Coach is your liaison to guide you to your full potential. Angelica Sage offers Life Coaching services to include facing your fears, building relationships, finding your inner focus, living a healthy and well balanced lifestyle, getting organized, may also include changes in your diet and nutrition, changing your overall wellness and much more. Visit the link above for more details about Angelica Sage’s Life Coaching service. Keeping a balanced life is a happy and healthy life.

Essential Oils Used in Aromatherapy
Angelica Sage uses only the purest essential oils that are grown using organic practices, the plants and essential oils are even used on the plants themselves to ward off pests. We use only Grade A essential oils with no dilutions, additives, or chemicals, and are organically grown from seed to bottling. If you would like more information on the brand of essential oils are used in my practice, you may contact me at

Dawn M. Draper
Certified Aromatherapist
4265 Vance Road, Traverse City, MI 49685